Brief History

It is believed that sapphires have been used as jewelry for roughly 2,500 years, and earrings have been worn by humans for thousands of years as well.

While the word "sapphire" is of Greek origin, there are claims that Sri Lankans first discovered sapphires and wore them as jewelry.  According to Wikipedia, sapphires and rubies are often found in the same deposits, and the highest quality sapphire mines are located in Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.

​​European royalty began wearing sapphire jewelry during the Middle Ages, and the nobility and wealthy soon followed.  Mainstream adoption of sapphire jewelry and earrings didn't happen until far later, around the turn of the 20th Century.  Victorian Era jewelry often showcased sapphires in particular.


The Edwardian and Art Deco jewelry eras brought more innovation and style to sapphire jewelry that extended to sapphire earrings, not just sapphire rings.  Blue sapphire earrings in particular have grown very popular in modern times.  Yellow and pink sapphire earrings exist, but sapphires are typically known for their deep blue color especially in earring form.

Around the turn of the 20th Century synthetic sapphires were invented, but it took about 100 years for synthetic sapphire earrings to compete with natural sapphire earrings at retail stores.  Synthetic sapphire earrings are now commonly referred to as "lab created sapphire earrings".

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